Lithic Alliance



  • Planetary Thinking

    24th April 2024

    This year, Swissnex’s annual meeting puts the spotlight on planetary thinking, featuring researchers, innovators, and artists who are unveiling new ways of looking at the relationship between humans and the planet.

    Gurten Pavillon, Bern Switzerland

  • Fire Unbound

    13th June to 31st July 2024

    The 9th edition of the Art Ii Biennial, invites visitors to explore the entangled history of fire and its contemporary implications. The Biennial also celebrates the 650th jubilee year of the Municipality of Ii.

    Art Ii Biennial, Ii Finnland

  • HALT

    Opening weekend 1th/ 2nd June - September 2024

    Summer exhibition with
    Lithic Alliance
    Mickry 3
    Una Szeemann
    Tim Zulauf/KMUProduktionen

    Froh Ussicht Samstagern, Switzerland